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Welcome to us! Webbfabriken is a specialist company with broad expertise and operates in three areas
Web Agency / Websites – Security solutions – IT operations services and support

Build a website

Do you need help building your website or e-commerce? Look at our website packages or ask for a quote.

Webbfabriken Business Dashboard

Full control with Webbfabriken Business Dashboard. Our developed application helps you to keep track of all your tasks.

Stable and secure Web hosting

Let us take care of your website! The website is secure on our stable and secure web hosting. Our experienced tech specialists make sure that everything is ok.

Webbfabriken – A company who cares

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About Webbfabriken

Webbfabriken was founded in 2002 by Robert Ikenberg, who since the late 90s has worked with security and large-scale IT operations and built large IT solutions with the highest availability and security. In parallel with this, there has been a strong interest in the web and many websites and web systems have been developed. With us, you get all the help you need and you only need to contact us for help, advice, and support.

For over 17 years, we have worked with cybersecurity and security solutions. We have built our own secure web hosting for customers with greater requirements and security applications that protect the business and the company’s digital information.

Many years of knowledge

Webbfabriken has been working with security for almost two decades. The staff at Webbfabriken has previously worked with security and security solutions for large companies, authorities, the police, and the defense and possesses great competence in security and data protection.

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Webbfabrikens® team of web developers and web designers creates creative, dynamic, stylish, and functional websites of all sizes. We build in WordPress, develop our own solutions and systems, and also develop our own e-commerce solutions.

Webbfabriken® also has services for creating a brand profile, business card, and logo, managing your website on our web hotel, and much more. During our 18 years, we have built, developed, and managed over 6000 websites and online stores.

To make it easy for you to choose, we have three different website packages you can choose from in addition to a completely self-developed website or e-commerce. If you are, for example, a newly started or small company, you choose website package start where we create the website in a shorter time and at a lower cost. You are responsible for all material such as text and images or can buy these as extra services from us.


Websites created by Webbfabriken
DNS and network technologies - Webbfabriken

Powerful and Stable DNS Services for Your Business

We have secure and stable DNS services that can manage your domain. By moving both your website and domain to us, we can handle everything for you.

We do not have customer portals that increase the risk of someone hijacking the domain or website, but we take care of security and do all the technical work for you. This also simplifies life for you, since you don’t have to think about a lot of technical terms and how things work but can leave it to us specialists.

By building our own infrastructure with our expert knowledge, we know our environment completely and thus have much better control and security. In the event of a mistake or if we are to expand our services, we already have the knowledge and do it in the best and safest way.

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We have built a number of custom web hosting packages that you can choose from depending on how your website is built, the number of visitors, and the performance your website needs to work well.

Today, most websites are built with the WordPress tool and plugins. It is a good tool to construct websites in but requires much more power than if you code the website yourself. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right web hosting package for your website. Which package you need, depends on how your website is built, which and how many plugin you have installed, and in which way the website displays the information.

Do you have e.g. many plugins (more than 10), use large images, movies or WooCommerce, you need more power and a web hosting package that can run the website.

You can choose a smaller package but then the website risks being slow for visitors. You can always upgrade to a larger web hosting package when needed.  

Webbfabriken's 3 web hosting packages
Webbfabriken's WFSecAPI security cloud
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With our self-developed Webbfabriken® Security API, you get real-time protection against spammers, hackers, and programs that search for vulnerable files and plugin for WordPress.

Through a unique AI system, your website is analyzed in real-time against our security cloud where the security checks are performed. If someone tries to hack the website, send spam mail via forms on the website, or look for a way in via vulnerable files and plugins, the computer that is used will be blocked.

All web hosting packages have the WFSecAPI software installed and you only need to purchase the license for the software to protect and secure your website or e-commerce.

WFSecAPI is also available for computers running Microsoft Windows.

Contact us for ordering and installation.

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Backups are an important part of ensuring that your information is not lost.

Order our enterprise backup system CrashPlan from Code42 which is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and in the size from 10 GB up to 10,000 GB. Year after year, the product has won awards for the best product in its class. All data is encrypted with AES-256 bit which is one of the requirements if you want to become HIPAA compliant.

We install a backup client on your computer or server and take automatic backup of the selected folders and according to the desired schedule.

Backups create versions of your files, which can allow you to recover a file that was accidentally overwritten (or deleted).

Code42 CrashPlan Enterprice onlinebackup solutions
Microsoft Office365 for business
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Buy for professional email through our managed Office 365 solution. Price from SEK 39 per month and per account for a Microsoft Exchange Online account with 50GB storage. You can create mail groups and mail resources such as conference rooms and conference room equipment free of charge.

Webbfabriken is a Microsoft Silver Partner for Office 365 solutions and can assist with our help and support to set up accounts and migrate your existing emails there as well as manage your Office 365 solution.

The most common email services are Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Business Premium with us as Partner and managed solution partner.

Contact us for advice or if you would like to transfer administration and management to us. We take care of the migration for you and the administration of all services.  

We are here 24/7 all year round

Everyone needs data protection and for those of you who want it on extended days and evenings/weekends or around the clock, sign an agreement with us based on what you want to protect and how.

Our e-commerce solution is automatically connected to our security cloud via our proprietary software WFSecAPI. With this, you have improved automatic protection around the clock all year round.

There are also other protections you may need – according to your or others’ requirements – and there may be someone checking logs and activities to get alarms or perform an administrative function.

Contact us for agreements and rates for our security management service.

Code42 CrashPlan Enterprice onlinebackup solutions

Our security services

Security Platforms

We develop security solutions and security platforms that are currently used by larger companies but can also be used for the smaller company.

Store personal information securely

Here you can store personal data securely and encrypted which is deleted automatically according to a schedule you set

Data security

Avoid handling personal information via email or your website. Our security platform takes care of that and all data is encrypted.

Innovative AI security

Backed by our security cloud, based on our AI engine, protects websites and webpages.

Send data securely

Do you need to send data securely?

Sending data securely over digital channels such as the Internet is not always easy. An alternative is to zip a file with a password, but technology is still available to access data in the file. Another is to email something in batches, but if someone listens to the email or has access to the email, you can easily put together all the data.

With our data security service Secure Data Transfer (WFSDT) you can in a secure and encrypted way share data information between you and other companies or your customers. All data stored on our servers is protected and deleted automatically after the information has been retrieved or according to a schedule determined by you.


Global Security Solution

With our secure cloud, you can protect your systems by using our security API through our WFSecAPI software. This way you can protect your vulnerable environment from various security threats. Through our central security system, we make sure that everyone involved is protected in the best possible way.

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