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With search engine optimization, for short SEO – we make sure that all parts of your website are optimized for a search engine to be able to index the website’s content.

During our 17 years we have worked with search engine customization (SEO) and optimization for mobile devices. Search engine optimization of the website can improve the ability to be seen on organic search results. How well you will be seen depends on the keywords you choose to optimize for as well as the content and technical structure of your website.

SEO basic package

To get started quickly with search engine optimization (SEO) customization, we have created an SEO package you can order.
SEO Package costs from SEK 395 per month and where we adapt the website to a keyword and then keep track of how it develops and provide advice and tips to improve search engine results if possible. If we are to make changes to texts and/or structures on the website, there will be an additional consultation fee that will be charged per hour.

SEO Analysis of the Website

In our SEO analysis, we go through your website and check how it is structured technically and in terms of content, make checks on the keywords you want to be seen for and if there are any errors on the website and what improvements may need to be made.

Basic analysis for search engine optimization costs from SEK 2,900

SEO great package

With our large package, we cover all or parts of the website depending on how large the website is in terms of text and pages. We can optimize each page against a selected keyword and every month we do an analysis to see if the result improves and if there are further improvements to be made. We make all changes to texts and/or structures on the website and there is an additional consultation cost that is charged per hour.

Add a new website to search engines

If you have a new website and have not yet added it for indexing by the major search engines, we can take care of this for you. We register and add your website to our systems where we can get statistics and an overview of your website from the search engines and you search for.

This work is charged per hour. Contact us for more information and ordering.

Contact us for information and prices

We hope you are interested in our search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Fill out the form and enter in the message field what the address is for your website, what you want help with in search engine optimization.

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