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Is your website wordless and empty?

We help you create a new website or update the one you have. We can create texts, take photos or select photos from image banks.

Since the start in 2002, we have built over 6,000 websites and over the years have acquired invaluable and unique knowledge.

Websites are safe on our web hosting. Take a look at our portfolio where you can see some examples of which websites we have built.

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Website package

We have four different website packages that you can choose from in addition to asking for a quote on a completely self-developed website that we produce.

Read more about our website packages and order today.

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Website development

Webbfabrikens® team of specialists creates creative, dynamic, stylish and functional websites in all sizes. We build in WordPress or develop our own solutions and systems. We have also developed our own e-commerce solution.

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Web hosting package for your website

The website is secure on our stable and secure web hosting. Our experienced technology specialists make sure that everything works.
Webbfabriken® uses security-hardened military-grade Windows servers with stable DNS services.

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SEO Analysis of your website

With our search engine analysis, we go through your website and see how it is built technically and what the foundations are for effective search engine optimization. We can also help you optimize your website for selected keywords.

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Swedish Web Agency operating on Lidingö since 2002

Who are Webbfabriken? In short, we are an experienced Swedish web agency that started on Lidingö in 2002. In addition to doing everything that a web agency does, we have also built up a secure and stable web hotel and have an experienced and skilled IT department. With us, you get a comprehensive solution in web, IT and security.


We can give you advice and tips on how your website can look and work


Plan your new website with us and what features you want

Secure and stable

We build your website to be stable and secure via our own web host

What our customers say about Webbfabriken®

Richard Liljeström from Eventation

We just changed to Webbfabriken after we heard a lot of good about them. And what we have experienced so far is very good. They are extremly qualified and they really have control of what they’re doing! Strongly recommended if security and advanced expertise is important for you!

Visit us at https://www.eventation.se

Casmara Team

Webbfabriken has built our website in Sweden and helps us with all possible web development and web design. We have received thanks from Casmara’s main center for a wonderful job and we pass on all thanks to Robert and Susanne at Webbfabriken for a wonderful job with fast delivery.

Karolina from Upgrades.se

Webbfabriken is our web guru and helps us with all kinds of web development and web design. They also help us with our computers and antivirus.

Pål Andersson, Alfons Åberg

When we were going to get a server and network, we were recommended Webbfabriken and we were very satisfied. Now we have moved all over our IT to Webbfabriken, everything from domain management and web hotel hosting to the construction of our new web shop. Good contact with fast and efficient assistance if problems arise, this makes us feel very safe at Webbfabriken.

Magnus from Racelife

The web hosting we currently have is called webbfabriken.com under the management of Robert Ikenberg. The service we have received until today is cruel, something that you really did not get at Loopia where we used to be. To be constantly confronted with a page that is heavy-laden, tough and with elements of disturbance look like tight is very frustrating but which we have now certainly got rid of. I can warmly recommend Webbfabriken, where you get service with quality and feeling.

Jan Jansson from JM AB

JM has chosen to hire Webbfabriken IT services and IT security for operation and responsibility for their Office Hotel. Webbfabriken delivers a complete solution with support staff on site, advanced and fast firewall (handles over 1Gb/s traffic), 1000MBit internet and is responsible for the entire infrastructure in terms of network and internet. JM is one of the Nordic region’s leading project developers of homes and residential areas. JM AB is a public company listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Mid Cap segment. We have sales of approximately SEK 11 billion and 2,300 employees.

Anita from Ekonomistudion AB

We use Webbfabriken’s Virtual Workplace where we remotely control our office computers, which means we can access them from all possible locations, even outside our office. Very flexible to have everything gathered in one place and quickly get help when we need it.

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