General Terms and Conditions

Webbfabriken’s general agreement, supersedes all previous agreements.
New to the agreement is that we do not currently apply open purchase.
Valid from 2015-08-01
Revised 2017-07-11

These terms and conditions relate to your order and use of “Products” and “Services” offered by Webbfabriken Ltd, Tryffelslingan 12, 18157 Lidingö, Sweden, org. SE51640533070 (“Web Factory”), on or via, as well as other Web sites belonging to the Web Factory unless otherwise agreed with Webbfabriken.

Customer may be legal or natural person. Customer may not disclose or transfer parts of Products or Services to anyone else without the consent of Webbfabriken. Customer may delegate the operation and updates of web pages, etc. to any other natural or legal person, but this does not limit the Customer’s liability under this agreement.

The content of the Services is specified in separate letter, e-mail or website, such as order confirmation / invoice as well as other Web sites of the Webbfabriken. Updates to the content of Services and Products are free of existing customers unless otherwise agreed through, for example, maintenance or ordering. Extension of functions or other customizations of Services / Products is ordered at the Web Factory via custom order.

The web site provides free support via email, phone and information on Webbfabriken’s websites.

The Webbfabriken’s entire IT system is located in secure areas in Sweden. No services are located outside Sweden’s borders, other services provided by Webbfabriken. Examples of these foreign services are Microsoft and Online Backup Company. Webbfabriken uses Content Distribution Network services to provide static data such as images, videos and files in countries near the visitor. Those services are located outside Sweden.

The agreement commences when Customer receives a confirmation of an order and expires on the payment period or the time frame of the agreement, unless otherwise agreed.

The Web Factory applies, where possible, the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005: 59), which means that Customer is entitled to cancel the agreement within 14 days from the date of ordering. The right of withdrawal applies to some of Webbfabriken’s services where it is technically or economically possible and not associated with a cost to the Webbfabriken. Examples are services The web site is a retailer for.

The web site does not apply open purchase.

Any right of withdrawal or open purchase does not apply to purchases of services or products that are not the Web Factory (3rd party, order or per manufacturing). Examples of this are ordering of domain name, SSL certificate and software licenses or other other costs the Web Factory may receive with Customer’s order.

The web plant applies a 3 month bond period unless otherwise agreed. Agreements can be terminated at any time without any reason. After termination, any files stored through Webbfabriken’s services and products will be saved for an additional 1 week, after which it will be deleted and can not be restored. Other binding time for e.g. Services The web site is the dealer for validity. An example of this is Microsoft Office 365, which always has 12 months of binding time.

Termination time is usually 0 days and the customer has the freedom to move over his service to another supplier at any time. However, this should be done by agreement and in a manner that best suits both parties. NOTE! that notice period only applies to Webbfabriken’s own services, not services. The web factory is a retailer for eg. Microsoft, F-Secure, HP, IBM, Lenovo, CrashPlan, KeepIT Safe, and Domains.

For termination of a contract, please contact Webbfabrikens kundservice via telephone, e-mail or contact form via the website. Termination is also deemed to have occurred if Customer does not pay invoice for a new contract period and after at least 2 reminders. All expired invoices will then be sent for collection and the account will be terminated immediately. Any costs incurred The Web Factory may, due to forced termination, be billed extra and go to collection.

Termination and termination during the contract period will not be refunded.

When ordering Domain Names and after payment is paid by Customer, Webbfabriken will make the corresponding order with Domain Handler, such as SE Direct, Domain Info, NameISP or other company. The Web Factory is a reseller for.

Customer is responsible for any infringement of third party rights or if they otherwise violate Swedish law. The web factory cooperates with Swedish authorities and follows the guidelines and rules they have set up, which also includes reporting obligations.

The web site is not responsible for any damages that may arise from the fact that the ordered domain name is occupied or taken up before the order has been completed by the supplier.

Domain order fee is not refundable and no administrative fee.

The customer pays for the Services and Products in the form of a prepayment invoice. Payment terms are 10 days net and are made by bank wire or bank transfer.

The web site is right a To charge a payment reminder fee. Late interest will be charged at the normal and current late payment. If payment is missing, despite at least 2 reminders, the Services and Products are terminated and quarantined. After 2 weeks, all information will be deleted without notice and accrued charges will be invoiced by debit or bankruptcy. If an invoice is incorrect, Customer shall promptly notify you, but no later than 5 days. The Webbfabriken applies customary practices about and when a Customer has objected to an invoice. This means that Customer shall have a substantive reason for the invoice and directly pay the amount that Customer does not object to. Changes of fees are announced via our website or by email and will come into force in connection with a new contract period. Temporary promotional prices or other Special discounts do not affect ongoing agreements. Ongoing agreements can not be changed, for example. promotions for services where the price is lower than the current agreement.

DELIVERY Extensions of Webbfabriken’s Services and Products are only allowed after permission from the Web Factory. Admitting customer takes over the terminating Customer’s all payment obligations and obligations in the entered agreement. Any costs incurred by the Web Factory will be charged to the Client. The web site manufacturer may completely transfer its obligations and rights under this agreement to another company.

Information managed and stored by Customer on Webbfabriken’s system is not normally verified by Webbfabriken and the Webbfabriken is not responsible for the information, nor for direct or indirect damages arising from the Customer’s conduct. The Web Factory is not responsible for the Customer’s possible liability to third parties. The web site is not responsible for data loss or other damage caused by viruses, unauthorized infringement, unauthorized effects or other damage to the information stored on Webbfabriken servers. The web site does not guarantee access to data on the customer’s website or equivalent system nor loss of data if the damage was caused by the Web Factory directly or by faulty / broken systems. Customer can not claim compensation for damage that may have occurred. Information stored or handled on Webbfabriken’s system may be checked by routine checks or security audits, and when a breach can be detected, this is reported directly to the responsible authority such as the Police, Swedish Security Police, BRO or County Administrative Board. Security checks are performed on a regular basis. on all Webbfabriken’s systems without notice to Customer in advance. If Webbfabriken is blocked in its exercise of security checks is notified to Customer who must immediately assist the Webbfabriken. Hindered or denied even this will terminate the Customer’s account immediately and quarantined. Thereafter, a compelling control of all information and data is performed. If there is a violation of Swedish law, this will be communicated to the responsible authority. Any costs incurred by the Web Factory will be invoiced to customers.

Customer is responsible for the correct contact information at Webbfabriken. The web site is not responsible for any damages and problems that may arise due to the fact that the Web site has incorrect contact information or that Customer is not immediately aware of Webbfabriken’s message. Customer is required to read and understand General Contracts as well as other Agreements that may be used to order the Service. or Product. Customer is also required to keep up to date with the Web site’s agreement and website to review changes or other messages that may be important for Customer to know. Customer is responsible for the safe handling of sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and encryption keys. In case of suspicion that this information may have leaked, Webbfabriken should be informed immediately. Customer is responsible for the fact that its information processed by Webbfabriken’s system does not infringe on third party rights or otherwise violates Swedish or international law or causes serious damage or is obvious unsuitable from an ethical point of view. Customer must comply with Webbfabriken’s terms of service and not use Services and Products other than intended. The web site itself determines when the limit for illegal or manifestly inaccurate activity / content is exceeded and what reasonable steps are taken to ensure and maintain high security on Webbfabriken’s systems and services. Customer is responsible for directly removing all information that Webbfabriken does not consider acceptable or violates Terms of Service or Swedish and international law. The web site is entitled to remove or move information in case of troubleshooting or suspected crime. This applies even if the information indirectly represents or may cause damage to the Web site, such as overload attacks, viruses, external attacks, SQL injection attacks, and other similarities. The agreement may be terminated by the Web Factory if Customer violates the terms and conditions of this agreement. Prior to termination, Customer is notified of this and Customer is given reasonable time

Varför välja oss?

Vår bredd inom webb, IT och Säkerhet gör det smidigt för er att snabbt få hjälp när det behövs.

  • Övervakar säkerheten och informerar om viktiga händelser
  • Bevakar omvärlden på säkerhetsrelaterade hot och åtgärdar
  • Ger dator, program och skrivarsupport
  • Sköter marknadsföring; AdWords, Banners m.m.
  • Sökmotoroptimering (SEO) Google/Bing
  • Bygger och underhåller er hemsida

Miljö är viktigt för oss och Webbfabriken arbetar aktivt med att hålla en låg miljöpåverkan vad gäller vår IT och vad den förbrukar. Med avancerad återvinning av vår datahalls elförbrukning bidrar vi till uppvärmning av lokalerna och med det en förbättrad miljö och hälsa. Företaget strävar efter att alltid handla ekologiskt eller miljömärkt samt att undvika att skriva ut på papper så långt som det är möjligt.

Alla priser på denna webbplats är i SEK, per timme och exkl. moms (25% i Sverige). 
Hela beloppet debiteras plus moms 25%. 
Undantag: företag utanför EU (Norge / Schweiz / Åland) samt företag med välgörenhetsskatt.

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