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Full control with Business Dashboard.

Our newly developed system is easily and efficiently with features like calendar, billing, customers, and tasks.

Features in Business Dashboard


Keep track of everything about your customers by entering them in the full name plus a short name system. Customers can then be used throughout the system and are easy to add to other parts using the short name. An automatic customer ID number is assigned to each customer. It is easy and convenient to add, change, and remove customers in the system.


The invoicing part is a way to easily keep track of all information for your customers and that they are invoiced as they should. When a task has been processed, you can send it directly to the invoicing part. Here you can see what has been done, how long to invoice for and keep track of what is ready to be invoiced.

Webbfabriken Business Dashboard
Webbfabriken Business Dashboard


Get full control of everything you need to do for your customers by easily creating information for them. The information is automatically assigned a number. Easy to add, change, and delete. All data can have a status; not started, started, fixed. The person in charge can be assigned and start time plus end time added. When a task is completed, it can be automatically sent to the invoicing section.


Keep track of all meetings, staff attendance, and projects with a simple and flexible calendar. Easy to add, change and delete items in the calendar and a weekly view is displayed on the home page of the Business Dashboard to instantly keep track of the week.

You can easily create a free test account to evaluate the system yourself and then choose which package suits you best. You can contact us at any time while you are evaluating Business Dashboard and get free help on how to best use it. If you have any questions, please contact us with the form further down on this page.

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