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Remote workplace, virtual workplace. Call it what you will – we call it freedom for sure. Webbfabriken® offers the Remote Workplace service, which is a cloud-based workplace that gives you the freedom to work safely wherever you want.

There are many benefits to a remote desktop e.g. if you have a laptop you are taking with you, there is a risk that it will be damaged or stolen. To remove your computer, use a Windows-based PC or a Mac computer *. Your local printer automatically connects to the remote desktop when you connect and can print as usual. Instead of having everything installed locally on a computer, it is safe in our cloud. Through remote desktops, your software is installed on a virtual computer and you work on it just as if you were sitting with your regular computer.
* Software needs to be installed through the App Store – which is free.


With a work at home solution, you can easily connect to your virtual workplace from a home computer or laptop you can take with you.


You do not have to be stuck in one place e.g. an office to be able to work. Decorate and fix a good workplace at home and work as well as in an account. Perfect now in Corona times.

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Your programs and all data are on a server instead of on a computer you carry with you or in an unattended office. Buy for daily backup of selected files for extra security.

Your needs

If you need more power, you can order it easily from us. We offer simple or powerful resources for your virtual workplace.

The difference between our Virtual Workplace packages

All virtual workstations are a Windows 10 Pro based computer with Office 2019, Edge and Google Chrome browsers, F-Secure antivirus, and our extra protection WFSecAPI which via our security cloud extends the protection.

Want to know the price or get more information?

We hope you are interested in our remote desktop solution. Fill in the form and we will contact you within 2-3 working days.


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