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Online backup for the company – Crashplan – Webbfabriken’s security solutions.

Secure and reliable online backup is a must to protect valuable data against computer and server crashes, failed hard drives, and theft. A backup must work, be easy to understand, and easy to restore data from. Our recommended solutions deliver exactly this and we also help restore data if you need it.

How are you doing with your backup? Do you still use tape backups that require someone to change tapes every day and maintain and clean the tape or USB hard drives? Book a meeting with us via our contact form, e-mail, or telephone and we can help you choose the right solution for the company. Get professional advice on backing up your company’s critical data through our Online Backup Company provider.

Our own online backup solution works with both PC, Mac, and Linux and has an easy installation. Our IT support can also help if needed.

Code 42 Enterprise CrashPlan

You pay for how much storage space your backup takes up (after compression) and the prices start from 199 SEK per month for 10 GB of data depending on the choice of the backup solution. See the different options below. We also have backup solutions from Online Backup Company that are known for having a powerful, secure, and stable security solution. They are suitable for all small and very large companies with hundreds of TB data to back up.

Obviously it is much cheaper to buy a large USB stick and take all the backup there, but an online backup where the backup is taken automatically and without anyone having to click on anything or change anything physically is obviously much more secure. Is it really worth the risk of losing important data? How much is the company’s data worth and how much data can the company afford to lose?


It is quite possible to combine an old-fashioned backup solution with a modern online backup which is called hybrid backup. With a solution from Code 42, you can have your own locally located server near your IT. With the server, you can back up exactly what you want locally and what you think is especially important for your business that you are backing up online. On that server you can back up exactly what you want, everything you think is especially important for the company you make an online backup of locally.

Take the step to automatic and secure online backup today. Installation is simple and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Make sure to protect your critical data now by ordering online backup through Webbfabriken.

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  • Smart and secure online backup
  • 10 GB of compressed data
  • Backs up open files
  • Version management of files, not just file copying
  • The backup schedule can be run every 15 minutes or according to any schedule
  • Restore files back in time also deleted files
  • Strongly encrypted data with 256-bit encryption on our own servers in Sweden
  • Encryption and Access Security
Crashplan details

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