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Webbfabriken web agency builds many different types of websites – everything from smaller simple business cards on the internet to larger websites with many functions and also integration with other systems or apps.

We have our past in web and e-commerce where we have developed our own secure and powerful solutions in the web and e-commerce and payment systems. With expertise in e-commerce, payment systems, and order and warehousing systems, we have helped many customers get started with their online shop and online sales. During our 17 years, we have built, developed, and managed over 6,000 websites and online stores.

Our three website packages we put together for you

Website package Start

Are you a new start-up or a small company and need a new website? Then this package can suit you where we create a website built from one of our self-developed templates and the website contains a start page with pictures and texts about you and a contact page.
The website is created in WordPress and you need to buy a Web hosting package SMALL.

Website package Medium

For those of you who need a slightly larger website, choose this package which includes up to 10 pages with information about your company and contact routes. We use our own developed templates and structures so the website is optimal and built according to today’s requirements and responsive (for mobiles).
The website is created in WordPress and you need to buy the Web Hosting Package STANDARD.

Website package Large

For you who want your very own website built from your requirements for design and layout.
The website contains up to 50 pages, WooCommerce e-commerce plugin installed and configured as well as 5 products uploaded, contact us pages, and information about the company.
You need to buy Web Hosting Package XL or one of our Premium or ECOM web hosting packages.
Additional services

Text and image edits1 200 SEK /page
Photography of products650 SEK /hour
Photography of people/environmental images990 SEK /hour
Add (up to 200) products315 SEK /hour
Google Analytics implementation, tags9 800 SEK
Linking Google Ads to Google Analytics6 900 SEK

Text, image editing, and photography

We have the opportunity to write and edit texts, photograph, and perform image editing. For photography of products to the website, we need to have the products sent to us or delivered to the office on Tryffelslingan. The photographer takes a number of photos that we expose and adapt to the web. For photography of environmental images, a photographer can come out on site. Travel time is added if the journey exceeds 5 km within the customs.

The photographer takes a larger number of pictures where you can then select the pictures you want. These images are processed and completed in high-resolution format and for the website. You buy these pictures per piece or at a package price.

Why hire Webbfabriken?

Webbfabriken® has worked with web development since 2002 and has specialist knowledge on most web platforms such as WordPress, EPI Server, Sitevision, Joomla, Drupal, and Typo-3. The platform we have chosen to focus on, and which we see that more and more people are switching to, is WordPress, which has millions of users worldwide. The reason why we chose WordPress is that it is built to be easy to get started with and you get access to a large number of ready-made add-ons, so-called plugin. WordPress is also updated regularly, which means that you can quickly take part in the latest web technology.

Professional web development by experienced programmers

Our specialty is to customize WordPress sites, give advice on which plugins are safe and stable, help with updating the WordPress installation where it is important to check that all changes and plugins work. This website is completely built-in WordPress with most plugins to make it more SEO customized, faster, and more secure than standard WordPress installed. WordPress is an open and free web platform used by many millions of websites, both large and small. Previously, many considered WordPress to be a platform only for bloggers and small websites, but today it is also used by large international groups.

Security aspects also need to be checked as the simplicity of installing and activating a plugin means that security risks are discovered. It is easy to make a plugin that steals login information or install a trojan on the website that is distributed to the visitor. Hire us and our security knowledge to ensure your WordPress installation is and remains as secure as possible.


Our work process within a project is flat and simple with fast and clean development for better quality and a lower total cost.


The planning stage defines what is done and when. We make sure to best meet the vision, what is possible to do and what requires a little adjustment to function optimally.


The design phase takes place at the beginning of the project after the planning phase and normally in parallel with the development phase. Your vision – our goal!


During the development phase, we work with coding and design, it is the phase that is most dynamic and where most of our time is spent.


Now we are corking Champagne to celebrate your new website! We will fix any fine-tuning or detection of a bug as soon as possible.

Våra Webbfabrikens® 4 steg till en hemsida

Vi räknar 4 steg till lansering av en hemsida: 1. beställa domännamn 2. skaffa säkert webbhotell 3. fixa e-post och 4. välja webbdesign. Nu har du valt webbdesign ovan för att börja med din hemsida, kanske behöver du hjälp med några saker till innan vi lanserar? Vi registrerar domännamn samt tillhandahåller ultra säkert webbhotell och är samarbetspartners med Microsoft för professionell e-post och kan erbjuda en helhetslösning åt dig. Välj tjänst uppe i menyn för att läsa mer.

Our Webbfabrikens® operating services

Our service continues. After launching a website, it needs regular updates and continued maintenance. That is why Webbfabriken has designed helpful services for you to order. Web operation and update agreements take care of just that for you, according to an agreed plan. On-call and Emergency Assistance is an agreement to be prioritized when something is in crisis. Support agreements can be ordered for help with quick changes to pages. You order web development when you want to develop your website. Select service on the menu and read more.

Read more about our web hosting here


To be able to start the website with us, you need to order suitable web hosting and accept our terms. Below you see our recommended additional services and other info.

Our web hosting packages

We have a number of ready-made web hosting packages that you can choose from depending on how your website is structured and the number of visitors. Today, most websites are built with the WordPress tool and plugins. It is a good tool to construct websites in but requires more power than if you code the website yourself. Which package you need depends on how your website is built, which and how many plugins you have installed, and in which way the website displays the information. If you have many plugins, you need more power and if you have large images or movies, a supplement is required for this. You can choose a smaller package but then the website risks being slow for visitors. You can always upgrade to a larger web hosting package when needed.

Read more about our web hosting here

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate allows search engines to read your site securely (https://). We offer either a standard SSL Certificate (simple and standard) and a Premium SSL Certificate from DigiCert.

Operation and maintenance services

With our operating services, we can take care of operation and maintenance on your server, network, WIFI, firewall, security, and more. We have different solutions that can suit your solution.

  1. If you have a physical server in the office, we can manage it remotely and, if necessary, have one person on site.
  2. Move the hardware to us as a Co-location solution
  3. Move it into our cloud and get rid of the hardware.

For solutions where your server is moved to us either physically or into our cloud, we set up a fiber connection between you and our infrastructure. If it is not possible to get a fiber connection, we can solve it with VPN and firewall solutions.

We also have our remote workplace service where your entire IT environment moves into our cloud of security. In this way, you can access your computer via the cloud.

Support och villkor

I alla våra paket ingår vår persoliga och erfarna grundsupport. Detta gäller under kontorstid vardagar 9-17 måndag-fredag.

För våra premium och ecom paket ingår en utökad support och övervakning. Detta gäller dagtid 9-20 vardagar och 11-16 helger.

Om ni önskar mer/extra support kan ni teckna ett support och jouravtal med oss för teknisk support, övervakning och uppdateringar.

Har ni fått ett fel och behöver vår hjälp? Ring vår växel eller skicka mail till vår kundsupport. Ni med JOUR avtal ringer det nummer ni har fått från oss eller er kontaktperson.


Surveillance and security

All our services are monitored by our Network Operation Center (NOC) and we are alerted if there is a service or website that does not work, if someone tries to hack in, spambots, or DOS attacks.

We have full control of our entire infrastructure and security with our own expertise and can quickly rectify if an error has occurred.

Our enterprise backup system from CrashPlan takes backups several times a day and saves all files in versions including deleted files. This means that we can recreate a file that you accidentally deleted or overwrote.

For assistance with this, contact our customer service.

Webbfabriken's WFSecAPI security cloud

WFSecAPI – Molnbaserad säkerhet

With our self-developed Webbfabriken® Security API, you get real-time protection against spammers, hackers, and programs that search for vulnerable files and plugins for WordPress.

Through a unique AI system, your website is analyzed in real-time against our security cloud where the security checks are performed. If someone tries to hack the website, send spam mail via forms on the website, or look for a way in via vulnerable files and plugins, the computer that is used will be blocked.

All web hosting packages have the WFSecAPI software installed and you only need to purchase the license for the software to protect and secure your website or e-commerce.

WFSecAPI is also available for computers running Microsoft Windows.

Contact us for ordering and installation.

DNS and network technologies - Webbfabriken

Powerful and Stable DNS Services for Your Business

We have secure and stable DNS services that can manage your domain. By moving both your website and domain to us, we can handle everything for you.

We do not have customer portals that increase the risk of someone hijacking the domain or website, but we take care of security and do all the technical work for you. This also simplifies life for you, since you don’t have to think about a lot of technical terms and how things work but can leave it to us specialists.

By building our own infrastructure with our expert knowledge, we know our environment completely and thus have much better control and security. In the event of a mistake or if we are to expand our services, we already have the knowledge and do it in the best and safest way.

Onlinebackup skyddar ert värdefulla data

Backup and backup are an important part of ensuring that your information is not lost.

Order our enterprise backup system CrashPlan from Code42 which is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and in sizes from 10 GB up to 10,000 GB. All data is encrypted with AES-256 bit and is one of the points if you are to become HIPAA compliant. Year after year, the product has won awards for the best product in its class.

We install a backup client on your computer or server and take automatic backup of the selected folders and according to the desired schedule.

Backups create versions of your files, which can allow you to recover a file that was accidentally overwritten (or deleted).

Code42 CrashPlan Enterprice onlinebackup solutions
Microsoft Office365 for business

Office 365 lösningar från Microsoft

Buy for professional email through our managed Office 365 solution. Price from SEK 39 per month and per account for a Microsoft Exchange Online account with 50GB storage. You can create mail groups and mail resources such as conference rooms and conference room equipment free of charge.

Webbfabriken is a Microsoft Silver Partner for Office 365 solutions and can assist with our help and support to set up accounts and migrate your existing emails there as well as manage your Office 365 solution.

The most common email services are Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Business Premium with us as Partner and managed solution partner.

Contact us for advice or if you would like to transfer administration and management to us. We take care of the migration for you and the administration of all services.


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