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WFSecAPI – Cloud-based security.

 Are you worried about the security of your website? You are not alone in being. More and more websites are being hacked and used to send spam, engage in phishing or spam SEO. Let our self-developed security program protect you via our security cloud.

Online security threats exist around the clock and it is not practical to have employees who monitor and act 24/7. That is why our security solution is the best – it works continuously. With Webbfabriken® Security API you get real-time protection against spammers, hackers, and programs that search for vulnerable files and plugins for WordPress. Through a unique AI system, your website is analyzed in real-time against our security cloud where the security checks are performed. If someone tries to hack the website, send spam mail via forms on the website, or look for a way in via vulnerable files and plugins – the computer that is used will be blocked.

Smarter security

After many years in the web and security industry, Webbfabriken® thought it was time for smarter security so we built an app.

Artificial Intelligence

AI gives applications a smarter way to handle incidents and then learn from them. An intelligent and self-learning solution.

Simple but smart

Automatic security thanks to Webbfabrikens® cloud-based solution that collects all threats from connected websites

The unique thing about our solution is that it is self-learning and is based on our many years of specialist knowledge in IT security. All connected websites and Windows computers are connected to our security cloud and are protected. We are constantly working on improvements and adaptations of the system’s algorithms to find vulnerabilities and in the best way to protect a website.
Webbfabriken's WFSecAPI security cloud

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