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Our stable and secure web hosting

We have developed our own web hosting to get it optimal, secure, and stable. In this way, we have the competence to have a stable and secure operation of your website. With our unique and broad knowledge, we help you with technology and web development when needed.

Our web hosting packages and the differences between them

Standard Web Hosting

We have four standard web hosts – mini, small, standard, and XL.
The difference between these is whether SSL is included or not (HTTPS), the number of FTP accounts, database size, and power and storage. An account is for one (1) website.

  • Standard S – 166 kr / month
  • Standard M – 249 kr / month
  • Standard L – 333 kr / month
  • Standard XL – 499 kr / month

Premium Web Hosting

We have four premium web hosts – premium SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and XL.
The difference between these is the size of the database, the power, space, logging, security, and our extra support. An account can manage multiple websites and domains.

  • Premium S – 995 kr / month
  • Premium M – 2 995 kr / month
  • Premium L – 5 995 kr / month
  • Premium XL – 8 995 kr / month

Ecommerce Optimized Web Hosting

Vi har fyra stycken ecom webbhotell – ECom SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE och XL. Skillnaden är antal transaktioner, antal produkter,  betalsystem, loggning, utrymmet, samt vår specialist support.
Ett konto är för en e-handelsplats.

  • ECom S – 1 995 kr / månad
  • ECom M – 3 995 kr / månad
  • ECom L – 6 995 kr / månad
  • ECom XL – 9 995 kr / månad
All prices are exclusive of VAT


We are the company for agencies and corporate clients of all sizes. Larger web hosting packages are available as well as dedicated VMs.

Contact our sales department for information and pricing.

What should you choose from our web hosting packages?

If you have a regular website, choose the package that fits from our Standard Web Hosting Packages where you choose based on your website’s requirements and requirements. These packages are for one website only. If you want higher security, have multiple websites in one account, and make sure that the website is always fast and stable, choose one of our Premium Web Hosting Packages.

For those of you who have an e-commerce solution either a self-developed, our self-developed e-commerce solution or who is created in WordPress with WooCommerce and with more than 100 products – choose one of our ECom web hosting packages.

Both the premium and ECom packages include extended premium support and we monitor and manage your account to see to your website or e-commerce always works optimally and securely. We get alarms about faults and errors where we can quickly solve the error and get the website up and running again.

How do I order a Web Hosting Package from you?

As we are very careful with stability, availability, and performance on our web hosting and web servers, we set up all accounts and make sure that it is the best solution for your website. As we are the experts in this, we know how to do it and for you, it will be much easier for those who do not need to do anything technical or order the wrong package.

To order, fill in the form further down the page and state what your website is called with its address and who you are, and we will contact you to complete an order. We take care of all the technical things for you. You can also order more services for your website, for example, our stable DNS services which can handle your domain securely and that we maintain and keep your website secure.


För att få starta ett webbhotellkonto hos oss behöver du godkänna våra villkor samt godkänna de krav vi ställer på dig och säkerheten på hemsidan. Vi genomför även säkerhetskontroller för att försäkra oss att er hemsida eller webblösning fungerar optimalt och inte utgör någon säkerhetsrisk för oss eller andra kunder.

Our operational services, such as web hosting and critical DNS, use military-grade security hardened servers in a mixed Windows and Unix environment. With our own expertise in the field, we have for 17 years created our own operations center with fast and stable web hosting that thousands of customers and websites rely on. Our customers choose us as we are very knowledgeable and have a long professional experience in our areas.

What our customers say about Webbfabriken

Richard Liljeström på Eventation

We just changed to Webbfabriken after we heard a lot of good about them. And what we have experienced so far is very good. They are extremely qualified and they really have control of what they’re doing! Strongly recommended if security and advanced expertise is important for you!

Visit us at https://www.eventation.se

Casmara Team

Webbfabriken has built our website in Sweden and helps us with all possible web development and web design. We have received thanks from Casmara’s main center for a wonderful job and we pass on all thanks to Robert and Susanne at Webbfabriken for a wonderful job with fast delivery.

Karolina from Upgrades.se

Webbfabriken is our web guru and helps us with all kinds of web development and web design. They also help us with our computers and antivirus.

Pål Andersson, Alfons Åberg

When we were going to get a server and network, we were recommended Webbfabriken and we were very satisfied. Now we have moved all over our IT to Webbfabriken, everything from domain management and web hotel hosting to the construction of our new webshop. Good contact with fast and efficient assistance if problems arise, it makes us feel very safe at Webbfabriken.

Magnus from Racelife

The web hosting we are on today is called webbfabriken.com led by Robert Ikenberg. The service we have received until today is awesome, something that you really did not get at Loopia where we used to be. To be constantly faced with a side that is heavy-loaded, slow, and with elements of disturbance every now and then is very frustrating but which we have now certainly got rid of. I can warmly recommend the web factory, where you get service with quality and feel.

Jan Jansson på JM AB

JM has chosen to hire Webbfabriken IT services and IT security for operation and responsibility for its office web hosting. Webbfabriken delivers and helps solutions with support staff in places, advanced and fast firewall (handles over 1 Gb/s traffic), 1000MBit internet, and is responsible for the entire infrastructure for networks and the internet. JM is one of the Nordic region’s leading project developers of homes and residential areas. JM AB is a public company listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, the Mid Cap segment. We have sales of approximately SEK 11 billion and 2,300 employees.

Anita from Ekonomistudion AB

We use Webbfabriken’s Virtual Workplace where we remotely control our office computers, which means we can access them from all possible locations, even outside our office. Very flexible to have everything gathered in one place and quickly get help when we need it.

Our Web Hosting Packages

We have a number of ready-made web hosting packages that you can choose from depending on how your website is structured and the number of visitors. Today, most websites are built with the WordPress tool and plugins. It is a good tool to construct websites in but requires more power than if you code the website yourself. Which package you need depends on how your website is built, which and how many plugins you have installed, and in which way the website displays the information. If you have many plugins, you need more power and if you have large images or movies, a supplement is required for this. You can choose a smaller package but then the website risks being slow for visitors. You can always upgrade to a larger web hosting package when needed.

What distinguishes our web hosting packages from each other is how big a website can be and how much power the website needs.

Our standard web hosting is based on a shared server solution where other websites share the available resources. If you instead want higher security and make sure that the website is always fast and stable, choose our Premium package which is on a reserved solution for premium customers.

We also have differences in technology where our standard web hosting is located on web servers shared by other customers’ websites and the resources available. At our premium web hosting, the websites are separated and have reserved power so the website always remains fast and secure.

Switch to Webbfabriken Web Hosting

We take care of all the technicalities of a move when you want to change from the current supplier but can not or do not want to. We help to point out the website’s new location with the old supplier and also take care of DNS and e-mail if you so wish. How the website is built and what technology and any database technology it uses affects the time required for a change. If the website is built in WordPress, it usually takes 1-2 hours to complete.

You choose whether you just move the website from the current supplier to us or change all services at the same time after we have agreed with you and planned for when the change will take place. When it is ready, we will notify you and you can test that it works as it should.

A WordPress page may need to be updated to the latest and current WordPress version in order for it to fit into our environment. As we have stricter and stricter security requirements for our web host and services than other web hosts, this may mean that your website needs to be updated and changed a bit to be able to fit in. We make a simple analysis of your website before we decide on a move.

In order for you to get a complete solution with high security, we recommend that you also move the domain to our name servers (DNS).

Our operations & amp; maintenance services

With our operating services, we can take care of operation and maintenance on your server, network, WIFI, firewall, security, and more. We have different solutions that can suit your solution.

  1. If you have a physical server in the office, we can handle it via remote administration and, if necessary, have one person on site.
  2. Move the hardware to us as a Co-location solution
  3. Move it into our cloud and get rid of the hardware.

For solutions where your server is moved to us either physically or into our cloud, we set up a fiber connection between you and our infrastructure. If it is not possible to get a fiber connection, we can solve it with VPN and firewall solutions.

We also have our remote workplace service where your entire IT environment moves into our security cloud. In this way, you can access your computer via the cloud.

Computer and IT support and advice

If you need help with your computers, software, and other IT, we have our consulting services and operation and maintenance agreements you can buy.

We perform our computer consulting services via remote support where we connect to your computer and can perform updates and provide support.

You can also get advice and tips if you need to buy new computers, printers, computer monitors and other peripherals. You can buy all this from us and get computers pre-installed and configured – ready to just get started.
We also build gaming computers for children, young people and adults – both starter kits and professionals with advanced water-cooled computers, powerful graphics cards, and colorful RGB solutions.

Support och villkor

I alla våra paket ingår vår persoliga och erfarna grundsupport. Detta gäller under kontorstid vardagar 9-17 måndag-fredag.

För våra premium och ecom paket ingår en utökad support och övervakning. Detta gäller dagtid 9-20 vardagar och 11-16 helger.

Om ni önskar mer/extra support kan ni teckna ett support och jouravtal med oss för teknisk support, övervakning och uppdateringar.

Har ni fått ett fel och behöver vår hjälp? Ring vår växel eller skicka mail till vår kundsupport. Ni med JOUR avtal ringer det nummer ni har fått från oss eller er kontaktperson.


Surveillance and security

All our services are monitored by our Network Operation Center (NOC) and we are alerted if there is a service or website that does not work, if someone tries to hack in, spambots, or DOS attacks.

We have full control of our entire infrastructure and security with our own expertise and can quickly rectify if an error has occurred.

Our enterprise backup system from CrashPlan takes backups several times a day and saves all files in versions including deleted files. This means that we can recreate a file that you accidentally deleted or overwrote.

For assistance with this, contact our customer service.

Webbfabriken's WFSecAPI security cloud

WFSecAPI – Molnbaserad säkerhet

With our self-developed Webbfabriken® Security API, you get real-time protection against spammers, hackers, and programs that search for vulnerable files and plugins for WordPress.

Through a unique AI system, your website is analyzed in real-time against our security cloud where the security checks are performed. If someone tries to hack the website, send spam mail via forms on the website, or look for a way in via vulnerable files and plugins, the computer that is used will be blocked.

All web hosting packages have the WFSecAPI software installed and you only need to purchase the license for the software to protect and secure your website or e-commerce.

WFSecAPI is also available for computers running Microsoft Windows.

Contact us for ordering and installation.

DNS and network technologies - Webbfabriken

Powerful and Stable DNS Services for Your Business

We have secure and stable DNS services that can manage your domain. By moving both your website and domain to us, we can handle everything for you.

We do not have customer portals that increase the risk of someone hijacking the domain or website, but we take care of security and do all the technical work for you. This also simplifies life for you, since you don’t have to think about a lot of technical terms and how things work but can leave it to us specialists.

By building our own infrastructure with our expert knowledge, we know our environment completely and thus have much better control and security. In the event of a mistake or if we are to expand our services, we already have the knowledge and do it in the best and safest way.

Onlinebackup skyddar ert värdefulla data

Backup and backup are an important part of ensuring that your information is not lost.

Order our enterprise backup system CrashPlan from Code42 which is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and in sizes from 10 GB up to 10,000 GB. All data is encrypted with AES-256 bit and is one of the points if you are to become HIPAA compliant. Year after year, the product has won awards for the best product in its class.

We install a backup client on your computer or server and take automatic backup of the selected folders and according to the desired schedule.

Backups create versions of your files, which can allow you to recover a file that was accidentally overwritten (or deleted).

Code42 CrashPlan Enterprice onlinebackup solutions
Microsoft Office365 for business

Office 365 lösningar från Microsoft

Buy for professional email through our managed Office 365 solution. Price from SEK 39 per month and per account for a Microsoft Exchange Online account with 50GB storage. You can create mail groups and mail resources such as conference rooms and conference room equipment free of charge.

Webbfabriken is a Microsoft Silver Partner for Office 365 solutions and can assist with our help and support to set up accounts and migrate your existing emails there as well as manage your Office 365 solution.

The most common email services are Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Business Premium with us as Partner and managed solution partner.

Contact us for advice or if you would like to transfer administration and management to us. We take care of the migration for you and the administration of all services.


Contact us for information and prices

We hope you are interested in our services and to find out more and get prices and cost suggestions contact us via the form.
Write in the message field with who you have the website today, the website address, and what you want the website to achieve – e.g. that it should be faster or safer. If you also want to order advice, maintenance, or other services, write it in the message field.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reviewed your request and order.