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Webbfabriken e-commerce solution

Here you login to the e-commerce solution’s admin system (AdminSYS)

Enter your login in the field above and then press enter. You need to enter your username and password that you received from us. If you have problems logging in, contact us at customersupport@webbfabriken.com or call 08-4460088.

Support and Terms

All our packages include our personal and experienced basic support. This applies during office hours weekdays 9-17 Monday-Friday.

Our premium and ecom packages include extended support and monitoring. This applies to daytime 9-20 weekdays and 11-16 weekends.

If you want more / extra support, you can sign support and emergency agreement with us for technical support, monitoring, and updates.

Have you got an error and need our help? Call our exchange or send an email to our customer support. You with JOUR agreement call the number you have received from us or your contact person.

Surveillance and security

All our services are monitored by our Network Operation Center (NOC) and we are alerted if there is a service or website that does not work, if someone tries to hack in, spambots, or DOS attacks.

We have full control of our entire infrastructure and security with our own expertise and can quickly rectify if an error has occurred.

Our enterprise backup system from CrashPlan takes backups several times a day and saves all files in versions including deleted files. This means that we can recreate a file that you accidentally deleted or overwrote.

For assistance with this, contact our customer service.

We are here 24/7 every day

Everyone needs data protection and for those of you who want it on extended days and evenings/weekends or around the clock sign an agreement with us based on what you want to protect and how.

Contact us for prices and agreements.

When you connect to our security cloud via our proprietary software WFSecAPI you have very strong automatic protection.

There are also other protections you may need – according to your or others’ requirements – and it can be someone who checks logs and activities to get alarms or perform an administrative function.

Contact us for agreements and rates for our Security Administration service.

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Global Security Solution

With our security cloud, you can protect your systems by using our security API through our WFSecAPI software.

This way you can protect your vulnerable environment from various security threats.

Through our central security system, we make sure that everyone involved is protected in the best possible way.