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Webbfabriken is a Swedish company in the web and IT with a focus on security. We help small and large companies with computer support, operational services, web hosting, maintain their websites, and e-commerce.


Webbfabriken® was started in 2002 with the ambition to help other companies succeed with their web initiative by providing help with IT and security. We are specialists in IT security and have a long past in the field. Thanks to our specialist knowledge, we always produce stable and secure web platforms, e-commerce solutions, and secure websites in the best way. One of our cornerstones is that you should trust us and that what we do is done in the best way today.

The environment is important to us and Webbfabriken® works actively to keep a low environmental impact in terms of our IT and what it consumes, but also as individuals. With advanced recycling of our computer room’s electricity consumption, we contribute to the heating of the premises and thus an improved environment and health. The company strives to always shop organic or eco-labeled and to avoid printing on paper as much as possible.

Webbfabriken® is a wholly-owned private company that owns all the infrastructure, has no leasing equipment, and no bank loans. The company reports positive results and Webbfabriken® works continuously to improve our services and offers. The market is constantly changing in terms of services, products, and functions and we adapt to this.


Our breadth of web, IT, and security makes it easy for you to get help quickly when needed.

  • Monitors security and informs about important events
  • Monitors the outside world for security-related threats and actions
  • Has secure and stable operating services such as Web hosting, Server hosting, DNS, email, antispam, WFSecAPI, and proprietary products.
  • Provides computer, software, and printer support
  • Manages marketing; AdWords, Banners, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google / Bing
  • Builds and maintains your site


Webbfabriken® is visible and works in various media and events. By prioritizing our existing customers over new ones, we are always at your disposal. We do not strive to grow the fastest or become the biggest but focus on taking care of our customers in the best possible way and always make sure that we are available when customers need our help.

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Our regular opening hours

We work office hours on weekdays with support and customer questions. If you want extended support, you can sign agreements for weekdays and on-call on weekends. Contact us for information and prices.

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Extended times and on-call time

These times are only for customers who have signed an agreement with us. When you call or email, you must enter the customer number, name, and the agreement number you have received. If we do not receive this information, we will answer your next working day and during office hours.

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For those of you who have purchased our web hosting package PREMIUM or ECOM, some of the packages include extended customer support times. Check what package you have and the times you have access to before contacting us.

Social Media

We have been on social media for many years. Feel free to follow us and feel free to tell us about other colleagues or friends.

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